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Table Pad Pricing - 1/2 Inch Thick with Aluminum Heat Shield

Pricing per Square Inch

Table Pad pricing is determined by the size of your table and leaf extensions. The width of your table times the length of your table equals square inches times 7 cents per square inch equals your price. Leaf pads are also priced in square inches.

Example Table Pricing: Table 40 inches wide times 60 inches long equals 2,400 square inches times $0.07 equals $168.

Example Leaf Pad Pricing: Table 40 inches wide time 15 inch leaf size equals 600 square inches times $0.07 equals $42.

Table Pad Pricing
$0.07/Sq.In.  $0.11/Sq.In.
Leaf Pad Pricing $0.07/Sq.In.  $0.11/Sq.In.
MagnaGrip Locks $25.00 $40.00
Table Pad Storage Bag $29.00  $45.00
Table Leaf Storage Bag $19.00  $30.00
Shipping* (48 Continental USA) $33
Rush Delivery FREE  $25.00

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*Alaska, Hawaii or Canada Customers: Call for shipping costs. Minnesota Customers: Add 7.125% sales tax.

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