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Finest Quality Custom Table Pads


Finest Quality Table Pad Features

Get a Full 1/2 Inch of Protection - Waterproof Vinyl - Supersuede Base - Heat Shield Construction

AAluminum Heat Shielding

Every Table Pad Comes with our Aluminum Heat Shield

Our Exclusive Protection

Protect your investment. Keep your dining table safe from heat, spills and scratches. As added assurance, every TablePads2go custom Table Pad is manufactured using a layer of Aluminum Heat Shielding, along with layers of insulation and durable, waterproof vinyl.
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Heat Shielded Construction


Why Choose TablePads2Go?

Customers choose us for our durable construction and manufacturing techniques. It is what sets our Table Pads apart from the others.

Choose from a variety of Colors in both Standard Table Pad sizes or with Included Leaf Pads.


MagnaGrip Locks (Patent Pending)

Table Pad Pivot Locks

Our MagnaGrip Magnetic Locking System locks your table pad and leaf pad sections together when in use. This is the most secure method for keeping all table pad components securely together while in use.

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